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accessibility and web standards

The Law

In 1999 the Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) required that disabled people must have effective access to services and information for UK organisations. This requirement also included access to company websites and online services.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has established three levels (A, AA and AAA) of accessibility for websites to adhere to. Since October 2004 it has been possible for an organisation to be sued if accessibility requirements are not met.

The minimum level, 'A' must be adhered to in order to conform to the new laws. This in turn has affected the possible scope of a website, so careful consideration of the guidelines has now become integral to both design and functionality.

Universally recognised web standards have also been created so that web developers and designers conform to the same methods in constructing a website.

Our Commitment

We create each website to conform to “AA” or “AAA” accessibility standards and all code is validated using Bobby Compliance, which is the W3C recognised website verification facility.

Accessible Website Construction

An accessible website is constructed by using CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. CSS enables the content of the website to be separated from the layout.

This means that website screen readers for the blind can read content within the HTML logically so that it is coherent to the user. If all the stylistic elements of the website were coded within the HTML, the screen readers would not be able to determine relevant information from layout.

We also ensure menu titles and clickable links all have access keys. Access keys are the keyboard equivalent action needed to access a new page. If users can not use a mouse to navigate around a website they can use the access keys.

Each website is validated to W3C web standards and tested to ensure AA or AAA accessibility compliance.

Test Your Site

Need to know whether your website complies we can audit your website for £99.00 + vat. Call Cathy on 01926 850084.

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