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We successfully establish and improve the IT infrastructure for Picture of a monitor organisations.

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The aim of our Environmental Factor:

To look for every opportunity to care for the environment during the normal running of the business.
We are committed to helping the environment wherever possible and have implemented many procedures towards our goal. See below for some of our policies:

Office Supplies

We use recycled paper for all company stationery/printing/leaflets/brochures
We encourage clients to print on recycled paper
We buy trees to help become Carbon Neutral
We use biodegradable cleaning products

Office Waste

We recycle all office waste paper
We recycle all cardboard
We recycle all ink cartridges

Energy Efficiency

We turn all monitors off at night
We turn all lights off when not needed
We do not upgrade mobile phones unless necessary
We only boil the exact amount of water needed
Within the next three years we are hoping to achieve environmental British Standards accreditation ISO140001.