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In January 2005 we launched Freedom, a content management system (CMS) which is designed to give our customers maximum flexibility when editing their website.

Freedom to View

View your website structure at any time and see how the pages link together. The system clearly highlights which pages contain static content or dynamic content.

Freedom to Update

Update text, images, PDF, Word Documents, external website links and email addresses. Add, edit or delete content instantly and preview the changes before uploading to the internet.

Freedom to Control

Freedom contains approval levels; Content Editor and Content Manager. This enables content to be edited and submitted to a manager for authorisation prior to uploading. Content Managers can accept or discard changes submitted. Emails are sent to inform each user when an action has been taken.

Freedom to Manage

Freedom presents a real time reflection of your company. Changes can be made to your website alongside changes in a company. Manage the content of the website so if reflects the business as it develops.

Freedom to Develop

Existing static pages can be unlocked for editing so that the content becomes dynamic. The system provides a scaleable environment for the website to grow.

Freedom to Trust

The system is secure, fast and reliable. We are continually developing and enhancing the features available. Support and maintenance of the system is included. Freedom conforms to AA accessibility and W3C web standards. Freedom is compatible with screen resolutions 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and above.

Freedom contains comprehensive administration pages where information, documents, images and links can be edited and uploaded to the website. The Freedom CMS means that the website is scaleable, further pages can be added by Solutions Squared and integrated into the website. The Freedom CMS is so versatile that it can be incorporated into basic websites where only one or two pages need to be edited or complex multi layered sites where information will constantly be updated.

Customers pay an ongoing licence per month for Freedom CMS and this covers system development, maintenance and customer support.

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