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IT Solutions for legal firms

Coming from a legal background, Robert Knaggs is ideally suited to advise law firms on how to tackle forthcoming challenges with technology.

The liberalisation of the legal marketplace poses a real threat to the markets previously exclusively occupied by law firms.

Only by taking advantage of technology and implementing practice management systems, digital dictation and integrating telephony systems with contact information can solicitors continue to grow their business in a more competitive market place.

We are also now advising law firms on how to use Social Networking tools and cloud computing to take their services forward.

Although Social Networking offers law firms a powerful method of interacting with clients, if it is implemented in the wrong way it can generate no results or worse still, can cause more harm to a firm's business strategy.

By making sure the law firm's business goals are reinforced by the appropriate use of technology we can help enhance the service delivered to clients.

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