maintain your advantage

Once the systems are in place we make sure that the initial planning work carries forward into providing a support package that matches both our customers' requirements and the level of inhouse skill they possess.

This may be by way of ad hoc support or a more detailed collection of packages from our “Your Advantage Your Way” program.

We advise on protecting the systems that have been installed, whether this is protecting the network from external attack or protecting the business assets from being abused by staff and temporary workers. By advising on and drafting acceptable use policies we can ensure that the money spent on building your advantage is not wasted through misuse.

We make sure that your data is protected, whether by checking that restores can be performed from tapes or by implementing online backup strategies that ensure your data can be available from anywhere.


Network Troubleshooting

Support for network connectivity, failure and speed reduction issues.

Network Maintenance

On-going support of network efficiency and stability.

Telephone Support

Available Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Security and Virus Updates

Advice and installation of security measures and virus protection software.

Backup Strategy

Consultancy on backup procedures and requirements including implementation.