PC Surgery for Kenilworth, Warwickshire and beyond

PC Surgery Check-up - only £54 inc vat

This is available to home and SOHO customers who are looking at putting their machine through a MOT to enhance performance or who are experiencing issues with their machine.

Spyware and general clutter that is created through normal day to day usage of a PC can all combine to reduce the speed of a PC. The slower the machine works, the slower you work so it pays to have your machine running at the fastest possible rate.

As part of our service we check virus software, remove spyware, run disk clean up utilities and clean the interior of the machine to prevent overheating through the build up of dust.

The PC Surgery is performed at our office at Kenilworth for a fixed fee. For more details of the service or for a site visit if you are unable to bring in your machine please contact us.


Work that needs to be carried out to get the PC working properly if this work cannot be completed within the 1 hour. Any work done outside the initial hour will be charged at our standard hourly rate of £79 per hour. No work will be carried out without first informing the customer.
If the PC will not boot, the problem will be diagnosed and the client charged the standard PC Surgery fee. The further work required to get the machine running will be undertaken at our standard hourly rate plus the cost of parts.

PC check-up services

Spyware Check & Fix

If Spyware cannot be totally removed safely, we will advise the client as to the further steps that can be taken.

Virus Check & Fix

If no AV software is present, an online check will be performed. We will recommend suitable AV software and install this as part of the hours work. The cost of the software will be charged as a separate item - typical cost £50 plus VAT for Norton Internet Security.

Defrag Hard Drive

Fragmented drives cause PCs to run more slowly and can contribute to instability within applications.

Scan Disk

Checks the disk for physical errors or errors in the way files are saved.

Disk Clean Up

Removes temporary internet and program files which consume disk space.

Check Hardware

For movement due to chip creep.

Clean PC Interior

Using compressed air so removing the layers of dust that can cause overheating and make the PC unstable.

Check for Firewall Presence

Update if present or advise on suitable products.

Run Windows Updates

Install critical patches only.

Advise Upgrades Available

Where appropriate.