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    This is the home page containing an overview of Solutions Squared services, a news summary and links to key pages.

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    1. Profile

      View information about Solutions Squared.

    2. Team

      Read about the Solutions Squared team.

    3. E-Factor

      Find out about our environmental policy.

    4. S-Factor

      Find out about our social policy.

  3. Identity through Design

    View information on the design solutions we provide.

    1. Establish your Identity

      See how we can establish your visual identity.

    2. Develop your Identity

      Learn how we develop your visual identity.

    3. Promote your Identity

      Read about how we can promote your visual identity.

    4. Portfolio

      Our portfolio is coming soon.

    5. Freedom

      View information about our Freedom Content Management System.

    6. Accessibility

      Read about how we build accessible websites and the requirements of the law.

    7. Ideas Factory

      Our Ideas Factory will be coming soon.

    8. Design Testimonials

      View the testimonials from clients who have taken advantage of our design services.

  4. Advantage through Technology

    View information on the technology services we provide.

    1. Build your Advantage

      See how we can help you build a technological advantage.

    2. Maintain your Advantage

      View information on how you can maintain your technological advantage.

    3. Enhance your Advantage

      See how we can help you enhance your advantage.

    4. Your Advantage Your Way

      View the IT service packages we provide.

    5. Spyware and Viruses

      Get the latest information and updates on spyware and viruses.

    6. PC Surgery

      Read about our PC surgery package.

    7. Legal Firms

      View information on how we can help legal firms with their IT requirements.

    8. Resources

      View a list of helpful links.

    9. Technology Testimonials

      View testimonials from clients that have taken advantage of our IT services.

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    View Solutions Squared news and updates.

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      Read about the top stories happening at Solutions Squared.

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