spyware and viruses

What is spyware?
Spyware is now a bigger problem to internet users than viruses. Most computers are currently protected by an anti virus program, which detects and elminates viral threats. Spyware is harder to deal with.

It comes down from the internet onto your machine from websites. It causes unwanted pop up boxes to appear whilst browsing the internet. It runs in the background making your machine slow. It can cause security breaches to your data by sending passwords back to the program creators giving them access to bank accounts or your own client information. It eats up bandwidth on your network so legitimate work cannot get done.

With extensive experience of cleaning machines of spyware we are able to deal with infected PCs but more importantly, are able to advise how to protect your machines from getting spyware installed. Whether it is a single PC or an enterprise solution we have implemented successful methods of controlling spyware.

We can advise on and implement anti virus software for a single PC or network and email scanning services that can prevent viruses from ever reaching your machines.

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