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Viva Vista

Windows Vista

Many people will still be getting used to the features in Windows XP. For them, we have bad news, as the newest version of the Windows based Operating System is scheduled to be released next year. Codenamed Longhorn, it has been given the release name of Vista.

Amongst the features included in the new Operating System, is the latest version of Internet Explorer, which will feature tabbed browsing; RSS feeds and added security features, including a phising filter, so that people who get bogus emails asking them to change their bank details will get warned if they click on a link in the email and it takes them to a site that is not genuine.

As regards the Operating System itself, this will have improved search facilities, better graphics handling and security. Although the much publicised Windows File System will not itself be ready for the release date, you will still be able to perform vastly superior searches through the files stored on your PC or network enabling you to find information faster. Virtual folders will enable you to group items together without needing to know where exactly they are stored, after all, we all have better things to do then spend our life in Windows Explorer! There will also be greater reliability with advance warning of hardware failures and the ability to step back to previous versions of a document if you have accidentally saved over the one you want.

Needless to say, at Solutions Squared we are already running the beta of the Operating System and are testing it on hardware and with commonly used software to see what problems our clients might face. One thing to note if you are buying hardware in the next 6 months and want to look to upgrade to Vista on its release, you will need to ensure your new machines come with at least 1 gig of memory.

For more information visit Microsoft at or contact Solutions Squared on 0870 97 98 100.

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